About us

Feniks was founded with the aim of providing the best listening experience and exceptional quality to as many customers as possible, without compromises.

With the shifts in listening habits over the past decade away from traditional hi-fi to computers and all-in-one devices, true not just among general consumers but audiophiles, too, a regular speaker made no sense at all. The same shift was true with us. We spent hours each day on the computer working, watching YouTube and movies, and listening to music. The problem was that there was no high quality computer speaker available on the market, so you had to settle for either generic plastic junk or spring for a pair of high-end monitors and the associated electronics (not ideal anyway as they’re designed for farfield listening). So we decided we had to do it ourselves, and Feniks was born.


It all started with the ES-1 in 2008, a colorful little speaker we made in our garage. Only 10 pairs were built and mostly sold among friends. Still, it tested the concept of what a truly high-end computer speaker could be, and sounded great.

Next came the ES-2, the first of our speakers to feature an aluminium cabinet, and the sonic benefits were immediately obvious. We made 60 pairs of the ES-2, sold only in Switzerland. The ES-2 received first place in a Schaffhausen innovation competition in 2013, the IVS Innovationspreis.


With the ESSENCE, things got serious. We set out to design a far more mature product, both in terms of design and technology. An internal DAC was a must. It was also essential that it be far more efficient to manufacture, so we decided to make a die-cast aluminium cabinet, thereby opening the door to a whole range of solutions like our modular assembly system and sealing grooves.

It was also important that the styling be an evolution of the ES-2, as that design was well loved and great for acoustics. The ESSENCE is a result of over two years of development, thousands of man hours, and 15 prototypes, to get to where we are today. 

Our Team 

Feniks is the incredibly passionate father and son team of Ted and Robert Kwolek, an ideal combination of engineer and designer. Lifelong audiophiles, we've always been obsessed with quality, which translates into everything we do at Feniks. We love listening to music and films as a family, and strongly believe that everyone deserves to hear their favorite tracks in the best possible way.


Based in Schaffhausen (Switzerland's northernmost Canton), we're steps away from Europe's largest waterfall at Neuhausen and the accompanying businesses along the Rhine, such as renowned watchmaker IWC. Like much of Switzerland, this is a region with a storied history and a tradition of craftsmanship. Feniks fits right in.

Why Feniks?

The journey of developing this company has been full of ups and downs, but somehow we always seem to pull through. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we live to see another day and keep building our beautiful products. Feniks, an alternative spelling, is testament to this journey.