Recommended Albums

Our recommended albums list features music mainly chosen on the basis of recording quality, but we think the music is good, too. Most of the selections are available on our favorite music streaming service, Tidal, some in 24-bit "Master" quality.

The list is now available as a Google document so you can sort the columns or print it however you'd like, and see when the list was last updated. 


Tidal playlist: The playlist will open in a new browser window. If you have a Tidal account, log in, click Play in Tidal, and click the star next to Favorite. It will now show up under playlists the next time you open the Tidal desktop app. The playlist will update automatically as we add tracks.

We started this list as a response to all the poor recordings out there. Unfortunately, the majority of commercial recordings use a high amount of dynamic range compression so that they sound acceptable even on poor equipment and in noisy environments like cars and public spaces. The result is that the sound quality is far from being as good as it could be. This list features albums with a relatively small amount of compression used, or sometimes none at all, so they sound truly impressive on a good sound system.

Feel free to check it out and enjoy some excellent quality music! We update it regularly, and we welcome your input if you think an album deserves to be on the list. 

The Tidal playlist below is for reference only, and plays at only 96kbps, nowhere near the quality available from the Tidal desktop app. In Tidal, be sure to go into the settings and select "Master" quality.