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Comments by actual customers

"I have just received these speakers. I am amazed. The sound of these speakers is extraordinary. The DAC is superb. The sound is extremely precise. One is surprised by the accuracy of the image perceived. They reveal emotion in recorded music. Voices acquire a depth that is hard to believe. You listen them for hours with an intense pleasure. They are simply music." - Bernard 

"One year with Essence and still amazed by the crystal clear subtleties it discovers in every new or old play I throw at it!! Great, great, great work!! Thank you very much." - Juan, Kickstarter backer

"I absolutely love these speakers... Best speakers I have ever listened to... The midrange and detail retrieval on the Essence is just staggering. They put the LS50's to shame." - Daniel 

"For me, it was like looking at a topographical map with the addition of subtle relief hill-shading, rather than a simple outline of height contours - I can now “see” into the recording mix... You are simply there with the music and I feel my hifi audio journey is now complete." - Andrew

"I’m listening to this rig more than any of the others in my house. I did an a/b with some Kef LS50 Actives. Your speakers are clearly better. The Kef’s sound veiled and slow by comparison... Your speakers are simply amazing and I feel no reason to qualify that with “for desktop speakers”... They have the absolutely mystical ability to reveal all details but still be musical... These are quite simply the best audiophile value out there. My living room rig goes for about $50k or so and I’ve had rigs north of $100k, so that’s the lens I’m viewing your speakers through." - JE, Kickstarter backer

"They are beautiful, heavy, easy to set up and sound like god. Now they play and play. I made a great gift." - Luigi, Indiegogo backer

"The speakers are now bringing out details I have not heard before in my music library. Very happy with my purchase, and enjoying rediscovering my music library all over again! Thanks for the great product!" - Tay, Kickstarter backer

"It's wonderful. Precise, present, wide... it feels incredible that such a pair of small things can produce such a sound. And yet they feel so massive. I love them." - Alban, Kickstarter backer

"The build quality was worth the wait. A sight to behold, and elegance to the touch. Kudos all the way around. Thanks for the great effort. I look forward to spending more time at work listening to my charming new pair of speakers from Feniks." - Will, Kickstarter backer

"The first thing I noticed was the weight… secondly the finish and attention to detail. Simply beautiful! But the best was yet to come... When I turned them on, they sounded so crisp, pure, and powerful for their size." - Scott, Kickstarter backer

"I’m excited each time I come home to play my favourites and discover new artists with the powerful sound that these things output. A rich experience that blows me away every day. A much more involved and lively event compared to my previous desktop setups." - John, Kickstarter backer

"I can recommend these really amazing speakers" - Markus, Kickstarter backer

"The superlatives in the early reviews and comments here in Kickstarter are well earned... These speakers were an exact match for what I was looking for in a computer speaker system... Bravo!" - David, Kickstarter backer

"They are magnificent! The sound is so clean and detailed! Moreso than any other sound system I've ever owned or listened to! - Alex, Indiegogo backer

“They sound absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on creating such a fine product.” - Stephen, Indiegogo backer

"Wow. They sound (and look) absolutely amazing. I also have a set of Ruark Audio MR1’s and the detail in the Essence is amazing. You can tell that a great deal of effort has gone into this product!" - Paul

"my several year quest for the perfect computer speaker has finally ended; I recommend Feniks to everyone and I will rave about the superior customer service, attention to resolving an issue and going the extra mile! Thank you for being the best." - Bruce