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Comments by actual customers

"The speakers are now bringing out details I have not heard before in my music library. Very happy with my purchase, and enjoying rediscovering my music library all over again! Thanks for the great product!" - Tay, Kickstarter backer

"The build quality was worth the wait. A sight to behold, and elegance to the touch. Kudos all the way around. Thanks for the great effort. I look forward to spending more time at work listening to my charming new pair of speakers from Feniks." - Will, Kickstarter backer

"The first thing I noticed was the weight… secondly the finish and attention to detail. Simply beautiful! But the best was yet to come…. When I turned them on, they sounded so crisp, pure, and powerful for their size." - Scott, Kickstarter backer

"I’m excited each time I come home to play my favourites and discover new artists with the powerful sound that these things output. A rich experience that blows me away every day. A much more involved and lively event compared to my previous desktop setups." - John, Kickstarter backer

"I've been listening to my new speakers for a while now, and they are magnificent! The sound is so clean and detailed! Moreso than any other sound system I've ever owned or listened to! - Alex, Indiegogo backer